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Fenty Beauty Made $72 Million in Just One Month

Rihanna is well known for many things: her voice and talents, her fashion style, her ability to make everything look good, the way she shuts people down when they ask probing, personal questions or fat-shame her. And now she is well-known for her new, all-inclusive beauty line Fenty that has wowed users with 40 different ranges of affordable foundations, including ones for those with albinism. We are thrilled to share that Fenty Beauty has made a whopping $72 Million in earned media value in only one month! (EMV is publicity gained by promotional efforts other than paid advertising, i.e. social engagement and reviews from fans/journalists.)

Fenty’s unveiling of shades ranging from its lightest shade 100 to its deepest shade 490 forced other makeup brands to look at their shade varieties and up their game. Rihanna has diversified the beauty industry by letting every makeup wearer feel confident about their skin without having to reach for a foundation that is not their color. Instead of looking ashy or being told their skin tone isn’t natural, Rihanna is making everyone feel beautiful (and we love it). She didn’t just stop there though, she chose a variety of models in her campaign including gorgeous plus-size model Paloma Elsesser and Muslim hijab-wearing model Halima Aden.

Rihanna diversified the beauty industry by letting every makeup wearer feel confident about their skin.

The reason why Fenty’s success is so crucial is that in its one month of existence, it has acted as an incredible agent of beauty reformation. It has encouraged inclusivity and has utilized all of its advantages, including Rihanna’s 57.7M followers. Fenty’s tutorials have been viewed 132 million times on YouTube and have taught viewers to never conform to specific shades of color; beauty comes in all shapes, colors, and sizes.

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