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Finnish Musical Wunderkind Louie Blue Takes Listeners “Down The Road”

Louie Blue is a 18-year-old singer who is described as a “wunderkind” for his impressive talent, at a young age. He grew making music, giving him a trained and refined ability to create from a young age. Growing up in an Italian-Finnish family, he was given the opportunity to sign with Sony Finland, cementing himself with an incredibly impressive label. His latest single, fresh off his debut EP “Notes,” is his song “Down The Road.”

The tack opens with a casual sounding synth beat, paired with light bell instrumentals. He sings. The percussion takes on a steady beat and Louie begins to sing, “Down the road we go/Laying in the back seat of my car/Eyes closed, blowin’ smoke/I know,” A light upper shift in the key is introduced as Louie continues, “That when the wind is blowing in my face sometimes I feel so high/The trouble on my mind is gone/It feels like I’m alive but…”

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More groove is introduced to the track as the next verse begins, “Down the road we go/And I don’t know where I belong/We get high and low I get cold/When my thoughts are racing and the place and time feel almost right/Trouble creeping in my mind gets real and I…” His voice trails off into “mmm” sounds as the chimes trill upwards. The music sounds as though the surroundings are slowly beginning to float upwards, as the listener remains rooted. The audio still lifts as his voice becomes clear and layered again, “O-oh/You’re the missing piece I need/Oh the misery’s like bunch of stinging bees/’Cause if you don’t/Necessarily want to come across the globe/Then you put me in a place/Where I don’t feel like home.” 

The next verse effortlessly blends with the last, with the lifting audio abruptly ending, with some snapping synth reintroducing the title line, “Down the road we go/Down the road we go/Down the road we go/Down the road we go/Why’d you have to go so goddamn far/My soul, overload, I hope/That when the words are all disclosed and every letter’s out my mind/You see me clear and I just hope we still got time/So/Down the road we go/And I can’t take this anymore/ I just need to know/I’m so thrown/That when my mind gets shut like this I’m used to thinking it’s alright.”

The song concludes with airy synth, some light vocalizations, and the consistent guitar trills, light chimes, and the snare-filled percussion that consistently helped to create the 70’s fueled sound to the song. “Down The Road” is light, airy, summery and fun. The lyrical and musical composition make it surprising that the artists behind the track is just 18. Perfectly capturing a happy and carefree feeling, Louie Blue demonstrates young and promising talent. “Down The Road” is the feeling of traveling down the road, sun on your face and nothing on your mind on a warm day.

Stream “Down the Road” from his album “Notes” now!


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