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Five Great Podcasts To Listen to Now

A good podcast can get you through many things: long car rides, workouts, homework assignments, or lazy mornings. Not to mention, there is a podcast for everyone! No matter what your interests are, there is probably a podcast that covers that topic. Here are five of my favorites that I’d reccomend the next time you feel like plugging in.

1) Up First by NPR

Being informed about what’s going on in the world is a valuable trait to have. However, sometimes it can be hard to keep up with everything from around the world. Well, the NPR Up First podcast will solve that problem. This podcast is a great way to get your daily news. The podcast gives informative coverage on the biggest events happening worldwide. It puts out an episode everyday except for Saturdays and Sundays. To make it even better, episodes average around thirteen minutes, so they are really efficient about how they present the news. These days, it’s hard to find just the facts when perusing the news and this podcast really is a gem. It will you keep up to date and informed about the biggest news stories all over the globe.

image via NPR

2) Jocko Podcast by Jocko DEFCOR Network

We all lack motivation sometime. Maybe we just aren’t feeling the gym one day or our problems seem insurmountable. If you relate then give Jocko Podcast a try. This one is….well it’s intense. However, that only makes sense because Jocko Willink is a very intense person. Willink is a former Navy SEAL. He sits down with a variety of interesting people and talks to them about tactics learned from war among other things to up the quality of your life. This podcast can be at times inspiring, informative and moving. Episodes can be a little lengthy at times, but the content is necessary and relevant. Echo Charles co-hosts and provides commentary that is relatable and at times hilarious. This one is a valuable podcast if you are looking to gain some motivation or up the ante of your lifestyle. More than anything, it will give you a whole new respect for the men and women that serve our country.

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3) Stuff You Should Know by iHeartRadio & HowStuffWorks

Sometimes when you’re riding the bus home, doing chores or going on a walk it’s nice to have something to listen to. The Stuff You Should Know podcast is perfect for situations like these. It’s easy to digest and will definitely make you smarter. If you’ve ever wanted to learn about anything, this one’s for you. This podcast covers just about every topic you can imagine. I personally, really enjoyed this episode about Cleopatra. There’s something for everyone here and if you manage to listen to all of episodes you will probably become a genius. This is for curious people and all those who dare to wonder.

4) Fantastic Geeks (and where to find them) by Anna Brisbin and Tessa Netting

We all have a little bit of a fangirl in us. The Fantastic Geeks podcast embraces the crazy fan in all of us. If you consider yourself a geek or if you just generally enjoy pop culture, this ones for you! This podcast covers Harry Potter, Marvel, Hamilton, Disney and much more. I really enjoyed this episode in which Marvel superheroes are sorted into Hogwarts houses. Tessa and Anna both come off as super friendly through the earbuds and the overall listening experience is great. If you are looking for something lighthearted, fun and pop culture focused this one is for you.

image via Apple

5) Creative Processing with Joseph Gordon-Levitt by HITRECORD & Cadence13

Have you ever wondered how moviemakers do it? Maybe you want to know what exactly a music producer does? Creative Processing a ten episode podcast series. Throughout the series, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has a wide variety of creative people come on the show and talks to them about all the small and big facets of how they do what they do. He takes questions from listeners as well, which adds an interesting dynamic. The range of people and the amount of small details covered is really interesting. Episodes are generally 40-80 minutes long. This podcast is definitely for the creatives among us. Perhaps you are looking for some creative inspiration. Maybe you want to be a creator for a living, but you don’t quite know how to get there. Either way, this podcast will help.

image via Apple


Try these podcasts the next time you are looking for a good listen! You never know, you may be inspired or perhaps informed of something you previously had no idea about. I hope you enjoy and maybe learn a little along the way!

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