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For The Women: A Poem About Owning Yourself

This is for the women who are lost in the darkness and when they place their arms out, they receive a burned lightbulb. For the women, who are too scared of the sharks to go back in the water and are searching for someone to bring the water to them.

You have given so much to things that weren’t worth your time, but please don’t think the world has given up on you. There is always a place for you here. All along, you should have carried yourself but instead, you carried the burden of feeling like you weren’t everything a woman is supposed to be.

Your voice is raised and your mother tells you that guys don’t like girls who don’t speak calmly. You’ve always been tired of the expectations that you are given. For the women who have splashed water on their face after crying in their rooms with the lights off.

You are you for a reason. You are a woman and you are human. You are allowed to break-down even when you are told that being strong makes you perfect. And you can laugh when you’re expected to sit in silence. Your nails could chip and the circles under your eyes make you even more beautiful. The light still shines on your face even when you are fighting a thunderstorm.

Please take the time to find warmth in your own skin. You were never meant to follow road signs that lead you to a dead end.

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