Heart or Beauty

The media has a concept of beauty that is nothing short of difficult to achieve. People often shame others to appear superior, pushing and hurting others to rise above it and reach that concept. Shaming others for their looks should not be necessary to claim beauty superiority. We are all different and beautiful in our own way. Beauty is found in our hearts rather than our weight and our skin and our hair.

I hope this poem touches your mind and your heart. Dismiss the image of beauty the media has programmed you to appreciate and find beauty in people’s hearts and joys.


Heart or Beauty; Perhaps it is all in one.

Longing and desperation,
To reach perfection.
With our minds programmed by the media
We believe we are tedious.
Reaching for beauty 
As if it is our duty.

To reach the high expectations,
We step on top of others.

Humiliation and deception,
Hand by hand to reach perception.

Must we shame one another,
To earn appreciation?
Label and brand beauty,
Unreachable by the standards.

Perhaps, all we need,
Are a pair open eyes,
An open heart,
And,albeit, most important of all, an open mind.

Eyes open to see,
An open heart to welcome,
And an open mind to accept.
We are all beautiful. 

Different shapes,
Skin in all shades,
Love in all forms,
Beauty is in our hearts breaking and changing all norms.
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