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Here Are Some of the Best Memes of 2018

There’s just something about memes that make them so relatable, timeless and most importantly, hilarious.

The word “meme” was first coined back in 1976, when an evolution biologist named Richard Dawkins wrote about the concept in his book, The Selfish Gene. In it, he discussed the need for a new word describing a “unit of cultural transmission.” Decades later, we’ve adopted the term, and now, over thousands of memes exist on the internet, ready to be used, laughed at and passed on to our heart’s content. 2018 has been an entertaining year for internet memes. Here are some of my personal favorites from this year:

Change My Mind

This meme started back in February, when Steven Crowder, a political commentator, set up a booth at Texas Christian University. Luckily, the sign on the table provided some perfect space for Photoshopped jokes; just try and change my mind!

Evil Patrick

Patrick Star is notorious for being featured in hilarious memes, but this has to be the best one yet. In this Spongebob Squarepants episode where the still was caught, Patrick’s attached to the top of a rock, waiting to jump on Spongebob. His evil look right before falling caught the attention of many. Now, evil Patrick’s been put on some of the pettiest of memes.

Krusty Krab vs. Chum Bucket

Another Spongebob Squarepants meme surfaced from its two most famous restaurants: The Krusty Krab and The Chum Bucket. Obviously, the former is the better of the two, so fans took to comparing real concepts using the two eateries. 

Tired Spongebob (With No Pants)

Yes, it’s yet another Spongebob meme. In the same episode as the “Evil Patrick” meme, Spongebob decides to go to Jellyfish Fields to live as a jellyfish. That obviously doesn’t go as planned, and he ends up getting chased down, right under the rock figure that Patrick was hiding on. Fans captured the still, and another famous Spongebob meme was born.

Is This Your King?

After Black Panther was released back in February, fans raved over just about everything. That includes Eric Killmonger, the misunderstood villain of the film. After challenging T’Challa to a fight (and just about winning) he gestured down to the king in disgust. Once social media users caught a still of him demanding, “Is this your king?” they took it and ran with it.

Jason Momoa and Henry Cavill

This meme was one captured with perfect timing. At a premier for the DC film Justice League, Jason Momoa is seem sneaking up on an unsuspecting Henry Cavill. Not only is Momoa’s face priceless, but Cavill has absolutely no idea what’s coming. It perfectly captured some of the fans funniest moments, and their meme was formed.

Is This a Pigeon?

One of the biggest memes this year came from The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird, a Japanese version of Transformers. In the captured episode, an android was trying to prove that he was human by gesturing to a bird and asking, “Is this a pigeon?” Ironically, people took the still and turned it into their own deep memes.

I Don’t Feel So Good

Avengers: Infinity War was full of sad moments, but the most upsetting part was near the end when (spoiler alert) Thanos snaps half of every living being out of existence. In one scene, Spiderman, one of the many (supposedly) killed, panics in the arms of Iron Man, who watches helplessly. In his panic, Spiderman said, “Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good,” launching fans into an outrage, but also a new meme, where other characters turn to dust.

Young Thug on the Computer

Seeing rappers do everyday things can be absolutely hilarious. So when Young Thug was pictured looking irritated with a computer, fans immediately found it amusing. He’s been compared to everything from the likes of an aggravated mom to students when the WiFi mysteriously turns off.

Bibble Singing

This meme originates from the character ‘Bibble’ out of Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia, a movie from 2006. In a scene where the creature starts singing its heart out, whoever caught the moment thought of the perfect idea for a meme. Now, Bibble is featured in all types of songs, screaming lyrics to the songs we know and love most.

Celebrity Full Names

It’s no secret that some celebrities, especially singers and songwriters, don’t use their full name. So at some point, people start making them up. Ice Cube is reportedly Icelandic Cubicle. Offset is short for Office Settings. Plenty of celebrities were found out to have some pretty funny real names.

Do Y’all Hear Sumn?

Back for another meme, some Spongebob Squarepants characters, like Squidward and other extras, are notorious for their melancholic moods. Fans have taken multiple stills where people are simply minding their own business in Bikini Bottom. The caption, “Do y’all hear sumn?” was introduced, and another meme was made. Usually, these memes are meant to imply that they’re ignoring something that’s  going on.

Key and Peele’s Meet and Greet

This meme has to be one of the most versatile videos to ever surface the meme world. In a Key and Peele comedy skit where they act out an Obama meet and greet, Jordan Peele goes around and shakes hands with multiple politicians and officials, but he doesn’t have the same reaction to everyone. Cue the Photoshop labels, and you’ve got a new meme!

Surprised Pikachu

Pikachu has been subject to many memes over the years. Apparently, our cute, yellow friend was caught off guard by something because his face gives it all away. He just goes to show that sometimes, you should should just know better, especially if you saw it coming.

They Did Surgery on a Grape

Sometimes, memes that don’t make any sense come to play. This is perfectly illustrated by the “They Did Surgery on a Grape” trend. To put it simply, the did surgery on a grape. And now, everyone knows that they did surgery one a grape. Pass it on.

Snoop Dogg’s Interview Shock

Snoop Dogg is one of the most chill people on the planet. So when he gets shocked by something, everyone notices. In a Breakfast Club interview with the Hip-Hop star, he tells all about clout chasing, Kanye West and much more. At some point in the interview, Snoop takes a pause, and says, “WHO?” which catches viewers off guard. The moment was perfect for a meme.

“She Is Very Gorgeous to Me!”

Some of the best moments happen when your out with your friends. On a bus ride filled with football players, it’s obvious that the jokes are going to fly. On this bus, the topic was obviously on a girl. While everyone laughs, one player stands and says matter-of-factly, “She is very gorgeous to ME!” and starts a internet riot at the same time.

Stiff Where?

Children can be funnier anybody else most of the time. So when this little girl gets a hold of a cute wig, you can’t tell her anything. The video is shot in a car where she’s seen shaking it out in the mirror. The confident girl even took her wig off on camera, and apparently, she didn’t care. One part of the clip has been used countless times in many memes, like the one below.

Let Me Tell You Something

Random videos that surface on the internet can hold some of the funniest comedy. In this one, a man dress in ridiculous clothes points and runs at something in the distance, saying, “Let me tell you something!” It was the perfect “caption this” moment, and social media users went to town with it.

Rolf Stares Out the Window

By far, the biggest meme of 2018 came from the famous 2000s show Ed, Edd n Eddy, an amusing cartoon about the life of three brothers in their neighborhood. The comical animations can make for some funny faces, and even funnier dialogue. However, this meme came from an episode where Rolf simply stares out a window, and it really lets us reflect on some of the most relatable moments of all.

There are many more memes that took the media by storm this year, but these 20 were the most essential to making 2018 the most relatable by far.

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