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Here’s Everything that Happened on One Direction’s 10 Year Anniversary

In case you live under a rock, 23 July 2020 marked 10 years since One Direction was formed. Since this is a huge milestone, it called for a day wide celebration all over social media. There were hashtags trending 24/7, heartfelt posts from all the present members. A website that – in true 1D fashion – crashed almost immediately because the fans broke the internet, and even a surprise Taylor Swift album. It felt like 2013 all over again. And the celebrations are still continuing.

It all started when the One Direction Instagram account posted this on the eve of the anniversary:

This quickly broke the internet, with fans having an absolute meltdown on every social media platform imaginable. And then, as the clocks struck 12 in various different countries, the celebrations began. #10YearsOfOneDirection started trending on Twitter. One Direction dropped some remastered EPs (Acoustic, Live, Rarities, and Remixes) and an expanded version of Take Me Home with songs that weren’t initially on the album.

The band also posted a 5 minute video on Youtube with some of the biggest moments in the band’s history:

Band members’ reminisce

What stole the cake, and made everyone cry, were the beautiful messages each of the remaining One Direction members posted for the anniversary. Liam Payne lead the charge with this adorable post on Instagram and Twitter early in the morning, others followed:


Louis posted a longer message on Twitter, making fans weep with joy when he also tagged Zayn, who left the group in 2015.

He also gave a shoutout to the crew that worked with them relentlessly through the years:


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I’ve been struggling to put into words how grateful I am for everything that’s happened over the last ten years. I’ve seen things and places that I’d only ever dreamt of when I was growing up. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with some of the most incredible people, and gained friendships that I know I will treasure for the rest of my life. None of this would be possible without the support you’ve given along the way. And for that, I will be forever thankful. I just can’t believe it’s been ten years. Thank you to our crew, our team, and everyone else who helped us along the way. To all the fans, I love you, and I thank you with all my heart. You did it all, and you changed everything. And finally.. to the boys, I love you so much, and I couldn’t be prouder of everything we achieved together. Here’s to ten. H

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Records were broken

Every single one of their tweets on this day gained over 1 million likes. And apparently, Harry Styles broke the record for the fastest tweet to garner 1 Million likes on Twitter. This record was previously held by BTS’ Jungkook (2 Hours).

The band also launched a 10 Years of 1D website to commemorate the anniversary, which crashed almost immediately due to too much traffic.

The link to the website is here. You can even make your own personalised mixtape while you’re at it.

There’s more!

And that’s not all, the celebrations are set to continue all week as the band has a few more things planned for the milestone anniversary:

On the day of the anniversary, One Direction was the most streamed artist on Spotify:

And that’s about it! It was a day filled with a lot of nostalgia, love and a bucket load of emotions and tears. Fans celebrated by having listening parties and blasting their entire discography for the whole day, and it truly felt like the good old days again. Because, after all, they’ve got a whole lotta history.

Happy 10 years, One Direction! Here’s hoping we get to celebrate 10 more.

Featured image: BBC

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