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Hot Summer Nights

As I continuously say, poetry is very subjective and interpreted differently from person to person. For some, this poem could be about the love a person has for their lover, and how the stillness of hot summer nights can feel like eternity when they’re next to them. For others, there could be another hidden message. Regardless of how you personally comprehend the poem, I hope that you enjoy it!

cicadas singing in the background;

our very own symphony of sound.

they screech and riff throughout the entire night;

shooting for the stars—or, at least, a satellite.

i could touch the heat and caress it with my fingertips,

the same way that i touch you, the way that darkness touches the earth during an eclipse.

the heat is scorching, but i don’t take my fingers off—

because i’ve been around much hotter things, hotter than your delicious pilaf.

like your smoldering skin, that ignites the passion in me with every touch,

like your glowing eyes, the heatwaves wrapping around me with a soul-wrenching clutch.

you blind me—but i keep looking, i keep staring,

because your presence elicits something within me, my stomach stirring.

i keep looking, because looking at you for one second is like looking at you for lifetimes,

looking at you is like cheating death—but we get away with the crime.

you make these hot summer nights feel like lifetimes,

and yet they’re still not enough.

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