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How to Celebrate ‘Mean Girls Day’

If you are a mega fan of Mean Girls and have been repeatedly watching the well-known movie practically every year since its release in 2004, you are familiar with just about every line from the movie, including one of its most iconic quotes: “On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was. It’s October 3rd.”

Lindsey Lohan who played new girl Cady Heron pines after Aaron Samuels who is portrayed by Jonathan Bennett. In the movie, Heron chronicles just about every interaction she has with Samuels, including the tiniest of details. This includes the date.

Every year since the movie was released, countless people all over the world have been celebrating the third of October as Mean Girls Daywhether it be marathoning the movie or simply taking a moment to pay tribute to the iconic scene in which Cady and Aaron finally speak to one another during one fateful math class.

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However, this year, the third of October just so happens to be falling on a Wednesday — and we all know what that means. In the wise words of Regina George: “On Wednesdays we wear pink.”

If you are celebrating Mean Girls Day this year, here are just a few things you can do:

  • Anything you find appealing, refer to it as being fetch.
  • Whenever someone asks how you are, tell them that you’re “gruel.”
  • Looking for a Halloween costume? Be a mouse — duh.

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  • Wear something pink!
  • Spend literally your entire day watching Mean Girls
  • Remind yourself that the limit does not exist: you can do whatever you put your mind to
  • Try not to stab Caesar

Mean Girls has been an extremely important film in movie culture for exactly fourteen years. Though the movie starts off by displaying cliques and secluded groups of different people in high school, it still poses an important message as it ends with Cady Heron changing her school and their mindset for the better with her well-known speech.

“I mean, I think everybody looks like royalty tonight.”

By the end of the movie, each of the “mean girls” have branched away from their group and taken on new and kinder roles in order to better themselves, ultimately encouraging selflessness and friendliness.

So this year, on October the third, take a moment to channel your favorite inner Mean Girls character and wear pink. And don’t forget to remind your crush what day it is!

Happy Mean Girls Day!


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