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How To Keep Your Skin From Getting Too Dry or Oily

I personally have skin that tends to gets really dry in some areas, but in other areas, I find myself having to powder to keep my skin from looking shiny. From repeated trial and error, I have found some ways to help my skin get clearer and smoother. To keep my skin from getting flaky dry patches, I use a number of tricks to prevent future patches and to heal existing ones.

1. Use baby wash to hydrate your skin

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The first step to keeping your skin hydrated is to make sure that you aren’t drying it out yourself. A lot of face washes that you might use could be drying out your skin, so the key is to find a hydrating face wash. What I do is I use baby wash. It is designed to be gentle on a baby’s skin, so it won’t irritate yours. Most baby washes are very sensitive, affordable and come in larger containers than normal face wash.

2. Use powder for oily skin

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Something that you can to keep your skin from drying out is when using powder is you can just put it on areas that get a little oilier (if that is nowhere, then just don’t use powder), then set your face with a dewy setting spray. This will help keep your skin from looking powdery and cakey or from looking dry.

3. Use moisturizer as a face mask

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I mentioned this in another article, but another way to heal dry skin is by packing on a moisturizer to your face like a mask, leaving it on for a few minutes. This process is more effective than just applying a thin layer of moisturizer, because once that layer dries up, then there is no more to continue to heal the area; therefore, your skin will be healed quicker by applying a singular thick coat of moisturizer. The one that I use is the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Creme from Sephora. I got mine on sale for $15, but it normally sells for $42.

4. Use toothpaste with baking soda to remove oil

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To keep my skin from getting oily is a completely different issue. In areas such as my t zone, I like to take a small dot of toothpaste (the one I use is the Arm and Hammer Advance White Toothpaste with baking soda) and gently massage it into the area where I get oily. I leave it there overnight, and that usually clears up the oil. If there is any excess left on your face after a night’s sleep, then I would recommend just washing it off at that point — it all depends on how much you put on, initially. This will help to keep your face from getting oily during the day and will also help with any breakouts you might have.

5. Find what works for you

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Some people get oily skin as a result from using over-drying products on their face. Doing this will cause your skin to set off an alarm and start to make oil at a more rapid pace; it will just be more trouble than it’s worth to go overboard. As a skin care routine, I would recommend to wash your face once or twice a day, moisturize and maybe use a scrub once in a while — you could even use a mask. This will help your skin breathe a little and produce less oil. Obviously, everyone’s skin is different, so if you have tried going with a simple routine and it doesn’t work for you, then you can totally try out some different products.

Keeping your skin clear and healthy is all about balance, and you just have to try and see what works for you.

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Maggie is in 8th grade student from New Jersey. She loves theatre, makeup, and writing, she also enjoys science and archery. She has one dog named gizmo along with a lizard named Alex.

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