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JLo’s New Movie “Hustlers” Has a Crazy Story Behind It

On July 17, the official trailer for engaging new movie Hustlers featuring Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu and Cardi B was released. The inertnet (and especially Twitter) erupted.

A new movie focused on the ladies of a strip club packed with Wall Street clients, Hustlers’ official trailer sets high expectations. Opening with an appropriate-sounding Cardi B song, “Money”, the star-studded cast immediately grabs the attention as the trailer dodges between glamorous shots of the club and teaching Wu’s character, Destiny, the ins and outs of their reality. Destiny is shown as a new-comer in the group whom Ramona, Jennifer Lopez’s character, has taken under her wing. Ramona seems to be the leader of the group and is apparently a total bad a**. As she spouts her mantra to Destiny, it becomes clear what the film really is: a revenge story.

“The game is rigged, and it does not reward people who play by the rules,” says Ramona.

The band of unlikely heros, or maybe anti-heros, take money from the rich “Wall Street D***** Bags” for themselves. The trailer shows a movie based around strong, diverse women with none of the sitgma that typically comes with sex work such as stripping.


The story however is based on a viral article featured in New York Magazine back in 2015. The feature follows Rosie, a 31-year-old born to Cambodian refugees and raised by her grandparents after her parents left to live in Atlantic City.

(I say “according to Rosie” because her family did not respond to interview requests, and because Rosie is an admitted liar with multiple pending felony charges. Still, she is occasionally prone to offering up indisputable truths. “American culture is a little f***** up,” she mused. “You know?”) says author Jessica Pressler.

Jessica details Rosie’s upbringing as she grew up in a rougher crowd and dropped out of high school to wait tables. She then goes into the wild story of her work at Manhattan’s gentlemens’ clubs. Working here, Rosie met Samantha, the woman Ramona is most likely based on, who welcomed her into her “family”.

On-set photo of Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu, via the

Hopefully a cast with such big names will do the fascinating story justice. For more information about Hustlers, click here.

Read “The Hustlers at Scores” here.

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