I Hurt Your Heart

Usually, when these kind of poems are written, it is the other way around — the writer is the one expressing their sorrow over their broken heart. This time, the roles are reversed. I, the writer, am left tormented with the fact that I broke someone else’s heart, and it is something that will stick with me for eternity.

I hurt your heart

can’t you feel it?


The guilt spread thick

over my bones


I consume my agony

and listen for every

distressing memory

every cold story

every sorrowful



screaming to be freed

from the turmoil I have

dealt you


I hurt your heart

like you hurt mine


but I still punish myself

for your crimes


I still roam deep down in this

calamitous pit


I feel my lungs cracking

from the salt blazing

in my tears


I hurt your heart,

and I could never forgive myself


Up ahead lies an eternal path

of lost redemption


No guidance

No cleansing


Only a deafening twilight

consistently reminding me how


I hurt your heart.

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