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I See Fire in the Distance

There has been this emergence, or a re-emergence to some, of far-right nationalism on a global scale. Ideas that a decade ago would’ve been thought unfathomable, suddenly gaining a new degree of validity in political circles. Globalization, world peace and liberal democracy, all facing a bizarre rejection at an alarming rate. It is as if a document outlining an ideal world was just thrown away and set on fire. This poem tries to convey this fear of losing a good future.


I see fire in the distance.

The fumes of industrial rage

thundering across blank pages

left that way because we did

not care to share our thoughts.


I see fire in the distance.

White light shining through

Nebulous fog, a frightful

sight blocking all enlightenment

and shutting down all knowledge.


I see fire in the distance.

The mechanized military money

machine keeps dreams

heartfelt-free, a need

to nurture nation alone.


I see fire in the distance.

Where red banners blast

crooked masts on once

green lawns, the dawn of

democracy’s end draws near.


I see fire in the distance.

Bloodstained posts posted

past prominent safe places,

a subtle-but-not reminder of

relationships deemed wrong.


I see fire in the distance,

one whose flames come

not from foreign foes,

but from tyrants at home;

and with this land, I burn.

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