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Idina Menzel’s Cover of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” Is Everything Music Needs Right Now

On Thursday, Idina Menzel announced that she would be releasing a live album, idina: live, on October 5th via her instagram story, with the live recordings of her 2017 World Tour Set from her Vegas stop, and subsequently posted about it on all her social media channels, also announcing the pre-order will begin Friday, September 7th, prior to joining Josh Groban on his Bridges tour.

With the pre-order, Menzel released the studio version of her cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, which she and her band recorded in a studio in New Orleans when she was on tour in the summer of 2017, which her fans have received with great excitement and support.

Using more soulful instrumentals in comparison to the folksy instrumentals of the Simon and Garfunkel version, and clearly pulling musical and vocal influence from the late Aretha Franklin, who Menzel has cited as her “idol” and as the “greatest singer ever”, Menzel shows off her vocal agility and finesse. She moves through vocal runs and navigates through the low end of her chest voice, into her belt range, and even a bit into her head voice, effortlessly and seamlessly, proving once again that she is one of the most skilled vocalists of her generation.

Including her vocal prowess, which is a quality generally missing from many music artists today, Menzel brings such power and emotion to every single note she sings. She sings every note with intention —it’s not just about the vocal acrobatics that she can masterfully perform; it’s about the way she can make her audience feel —which is what makes her one of the greatest artists alive today.

Idina Menzel represents everything an artist should want to be: someone who can leave you speechless regardless of the notes they are singing; someone who can bring tears to your eyes with certain phrasings.

Music and artistry is not about perfection. It never has been. It shouldn’t be about charts and perfectly hit notes. It should be about a deeper connection to oneself and the world around them, and every time Idina Menzel sings, she does that for her audience, and has been able to do that for the past 22 years.

Since her 1996 debut as bisexual icon and performance artist, Maureen Johnson, through her run as the original Elphaba in Wicked on both Broadway and The West End, to her exquisite and underrated portrayal of Elizabeth Vaughn in If/Then, and from all of her solo works, Still I Can’t Be Still, Here, I Stand, and idina., Menzel has been able to captivate her audiences and turn them into some of the loudest, most supportive fans anyone could ask for.

Menzel has a way of letting every listener into her life–every performance, no matter the size of the venue, feels like the audience is sitting in her living room. She has a way of making her listeners feel seen, heard, and understood, and her cover of Bridge Over Troubled Water exemplifies that.

Music needs more of that.

Stream or download the studio cover on your preferred music platform here.

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Gen Dietzel is a bisexual writer, alternative rock singer, songwriter, poet, and actress based out of New York City. She is an advocate for proper mental health care and often tackles what it is like to be mentally ill in her works, whether it is writing or music. She studies English Literature and Music Production in college, and uses her twitter a little too often to rant about feminism and music--sometimes, feminism IN music. She has two cats and a wonderful girlfriend.

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