I’ll Forget Who You Want Me To Be

A Poem About People Wanting You To Change

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I’ve always hated the saying “Don’t forget who you are”, it used to fill my gut with anger. It implied that everybody else knew me better than I knew myself, that they knew the “real” me and I didn’t. The implication is that change is bad, but my life is a constant journey, every day I am not the same person I was yesterday. I am no longer the little girl my family wants me to be nor am I the ‘nerd’ my peers expect me to be, I am just me in all my ever changing forms.


“Don’t forget who you are”

stop spewing lies

their hot bullets

from your mouth

from the barrel of the gun

I can almost feel it

the regret on your tongue

your anger wounding me

without a word

just a stare

Maybe you’re afraid

afraid of the truth

afraid it will burn

afraid it will shatter glass

break your fantasies

Wipe your tears

I won’t forget who I am

only who you want me to be

the girl you knew yesterday

isn’t the woman you see today


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Written by Anais Rivero

Aspiring journalist, Latina woman, and film lover trying to stomp the patriarchy with my large combat boots.