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Interview: Underrated Gem in the New World of Electro-Pop Chela Releases EP ‘Delivery’

Filipino-Australian singer and songwriter Chela is ready to make waves with her newly released 4-track EP “Delivery”. Having played in punk clubs since she was 15 and released in 2013 her breakout single “Romanticise”, Chela has developed throughout the years a distinct style in her sincere lyricism, dynamic beats, and groovy synth which at times pulls you back to the eighties. The multitalented artist also directed a couple of music videos that accompany her EP and is set to go on tour with Gus Dapperton and Client Liaison in Australia in the next couple of months. Meet Chela:

How has growing up in different parts of the world influenced your art?
In a big way. I think being worldly means you’re probably more open-minded. You see things from many perspectives, and that has informed not only my art but also my greater sense of self. I also find myself in a constant state of missing my other home. It keeps sentimentality and nostalgia in my heart. I rarely grow tired of the same surroundings and that keeps my creativity alight.

What/Who are your main musical influences?
I used to look up to Michael Jackson and David Bowie in a big way, however now I’d say most of my influences are strong women doing their thing such as – Nelly Furtado, Robyn, The Pointer Sisters, Haim, Solange, Madonna, Janet Jackson..

Photo credit: Fabian Aimargono

What were the main ideas behind the music videos for “Losing Belief” and “Hearts O’ Hearts” which you directed and choreographed yourself?
The music videos tie directly to the lyrics and meanings of each song. I had tiny budgets to bring the ideas to life so that informed much of the production value. Incorporating a dance routine into a video I find, is an efficient and effective way of making something DIY engaging, so that’s one of my old tricks that I pulled on both videos.

What is, for you, the most exciting part about your upcoming tour?
The fact that for the first time I am playing without a band and performing a completely choreographed routine to my set with a dancer. It’s the beginning of a new chapter and I’m so excited to be ringing that in with Gus Dapperton in December.

Are there any future projects we should keep an eye out for?
My new music video for Delivery, a band I’m playing as a guest bassist for over the Australian summer, and a duet with Gus Dapperton next year!

You can listen to “Delivery” on Spotify and Soundcloud. You can also find Chela on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and watch her music videos on Youtube.

Featured Image: Fabian Aimargono

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