Italy, A Photo Series

These past two weeks, I have been wandering around Italy with my family. I had the privilege of visiting as many museums, cultural places, and beautiful landscapes as I could find. The rich culture and fascinating timelessness of the country were captivating, and I felt so drawn to the way of life here. It was otherworldly to see elements of modern culture mixed with things from as long ago as the ancient times together. As an example, in the eternal city of Rome, one only has to walk a short distance to see the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, old churches, and more that have been integrated into a modern city. In the center of the city, surrounded by roads and restaurants sits an excavation of ancient ruins, as if it is a part of normal life nowadays. All photos were taken on an iPhone 6.

Canal in Venice

Ruins, Rome


Positano, Amalfi Coast

Road to Positano


Boboli Gardens, Florence

View of Florence

Positano, Italy

Colosseum, Rome


Duomo, Florence

Bridge, Florence

Florence, Italy

Grand Canal, Venice

St. Mark’s Square, Venice


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