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James Gunn Leaves Marvel For DC

James Gunn has seemed to recover from his blowout in Marvel. He has supposedly switched teams to DC and is rumored to being writing the script for Suicide Squad 2. 

For those not aware, Gunn, the director of The Guardians of the Galaxy movies, was fired by Disney after his offensive tweets were brought back into the public eye (click here to see the since deleted tweets.) 

His firing seemed more controversial than his tweets. Some fans completely supported Disney’s decision, while others (including stars of GOTG) argued that Gunn’s statements were simply distasteful jokes. They also pointed out that most of Gunn’s tweets were written a decade ago. 

Despite some pushback, Disney held fast on their decision. It appears that Gunn has moved on as well. Sources claim that Warner Bros. has hired Gunn to write Suicide Squad 2’s script with “an eye to direct.” 

Gunn’s track record demonstrates his potential for revamping Suicide Squad (which was poorly received by both fans and critics.) His comical tone, proficiency in balancing multiple characters, and success with the “misfit turned hero” story arc show that he could do amazing things with the franchise. His hiring, however, will not doubt bring around much controversy. There has already been some reaction to the news. Some fans feel like Gunn can breathe life into this dying franchise. Others are already calling for a boycott of Suicide Squad 2.

Hiring Gunn is definitely a gamble on Warner Bros.’s part. Whether it will pay off or not is to come.  

Photo via IGN Entertainment.

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