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Jessie Reyez Drops Single: “LOVE IN THE DARK” From Upcoming Debut Album

Jessie Reyez is a 28-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter who has dominated R&B music in the last three years. In 2017, her single “Figures” peaked at 38 on the ‘Billboard Hot 100’ and stayed on the charts for eight weeks. In 2019 Reyez won the ‘RnB/Soul Recording of the Year’ for her EP Being Human in Public. Next, in 2020 she moved into sweeping up a Grammy nomination for ‘Best Urban Contemporary Album’ for Being Human in Public.

Yesterday she released a sneak peak off her upcoming album, a single LOVE IN THE DARK”.

Upon my first listen I came to the conclusion that this was the most haunting 4 minutes I have ever experienced in my life. Reyez has a mellow, earthy sounding voice and in harmony with the piano, this song sounds like something that could feature in a Disney movie.

The chorus drives home the message of the single,

But when our lives are running out
And your heartbeat has taken the draw
Could you try to look around?
I’ll be there to pull you back up
I’ll be around you, I’m nothing without you
I won’t leave you alone
‘Cause when the stars are falling down
There’s love in the dark

When I listen to the chorus I get this beautiful imagery of two lovers who would do anything for each other, until the bitter end. The lyrics coexist as both tender and powerful to show the strength of this love that lasts even as the “stars fall down” and the love in left “in the dark.”

” Love in the Dark” showcases Reyez’s amazing vocal abilities and refined talent.  The single is slow and melodic, it is a perfect jam to listen to and slow dance with your lover on Valentine’s Day — or by yourself, that works too.

The music video for “LOVE IN THE DARK” is just as magical as the single itself. It’s simple and beautiful, picturing Jessie Reyez in a half-up bun hairstyle in the middle of a valley. As she sinks into the water, the galaxy collides with the sky and covers it in bright stars. When the camera pans back down to Reyez, she is floating in purple and blue stars as if she were made out of moon dust.


Reyez looks absolutely stunning with a beige long sleeve shirt layered under an apricot toned tank top. Everything about this music video is very minimalist and doesn’t take anything away from the track.

Reyez’s debut album, BEFORE LOVE CAME TO KILL US  is being released on March 27th 2020.


Featured image via Jessie Reyez


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