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Just A Reminder That Florence Welch Is A Gift From The Gods

In today’s pop culture, we have so many gifted and unique artists. From Beyonce’s hypnotic harmonies to Ariana’s jaw-dropping high notes, there is no shortage of raw talent within many genres of music. Though, if there is one artist that can definitely be shown more love to, it’s Florence Welch.

As the front-woman of Florence + the Machine for the past 10 years, she has given us a plethora of good music. With her vibrant red locks and bohemian yet edgy fashion, you’ll be entranced by the killer combination of her voice and her words. Her songs have been known put those in a whirlwind of emotion as the lyrics talk about love, life and more. Welch’s voice is filled with warmth and strength as she belts out lyric after lyric. Her unique and powerful voice only adds to her mysterious and lively stage presence.  Florence Welch is truly a modern renaissance woman in our generation.

As someone who has had the luxury of seeing her perform live, I can tell you she is truly gifted with her voice. Her voice is one of a kind, as it is not only strong and powerful, but she can also be very gentle and soft. She has a range that’s well above 3 octaves and she is able to hit all notes. Welch is a rare talent that does not need any editing—there is no human on earth that can make her voice sound any better. She packs so much emotion into her vocal chords; you easily get tingles as she belts through each song.

For reference, her song, “Shake it Out,” is a true depiction of her talent. You can hear the passion in the voice as she chants out each moving lyric. She hits several heart-stopping high notes that leave you completely overwhelmed and begging for more. What more can you ask from a performer?

Yet, what mostly you sink you into her is her personality. I truly believe there is no one as soft and gentle as Florence Welch. If you watch any of her interviews, she has such a calm vibe to her that it’s hard not to be at ease when watching her. The way she talks is just as soothing and satisfying as her singing voice. She speaks with such softness and poise. Not to mention, she is extremely kind and polite. She has been known to be very generous to her fans. Last year, Welch surprised a fan who could not attend her concert due to being in the hospital and gave the fan her own personal concert.

She is also very real and genuine, telling stories of her troubled childhood with dealing with anxiety, dyslexia and dyspraxia. Many stars may not be as open to discuss their hardships in life but Florence has used it to focus on herself and channel those moments into songs for others to relate to. No matter what, Florence has consistently stayed true to herself and her personality.

Overall, Florence Welch is such a pure soul, one that’s especially rare to find these days. She deserves more than what the world has to offer. While there is much talent in the industry, Welch truly shines like star. Her voice stands out among the rest with it’s expertise and emotion. So as you are looking for a new artist to stan or even just add to your playlist, look no further than Florence Welch.

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