Kendrick Lamar Has Just Won A Pulitzer Prize For His Album ‘DAMN.’

Kendrick Lamar’s 2017 album DAMN. has been announced as the winner for the Pulitzer Prize for music. It is the first Hip-Hop album to win the award, with past recipients being Steve Reich, Julia Wolfe and Zhou Long. Since its release, DAMN has been praised for its real representation of African American life and how difficult it can be. Lamar is an artist that has been known to be a voice against police brutality and racism and has continuously discussed the importance of family, the hardships of street life and the overall life of a black man living in America. His music serves as anthems for every generation of black folk, and he will continue to be a man who inspires all audiences with his thought-provoking music.


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Written by Shermarie

Shermarie is a 17-year-old from Boston. She is an intersectional feminist and BLM supporter. When she is not writing, she enjoys ranting on stan twitter, reading fashion articles, and listening to music. She also writes for the main site as well!