Khalid Went From 60 Listeners To 60,000 Fans At The Santa Monica Pier

To kick off the twilight concert series, the Texas native performed a free concert at the Santa Monica Pier. People began lining up for the singer as early as 10am. The concert itself started at 7pm. As time passed, thousands of people arrived and anxiously waited in line for a chance to enter the gates. As it got closer to 7pm, the line diffused and began waiting on the sand. The singer performed his debut album, American Teen.

A total of approximately 60,000 people came to hear the 19 year old. The majority of the crowd consisted of high school and college students. Hence, when the singer sang his songs,ย 8TEEN andย Young Dumb and Broke, the crowd sang those lyrics the loudest. Whether you were one of the lucky few to get within the gates, or standing on the side of the pier on the sand, the singer made sure to show some love.

Khalid’s vocals throughout the night sounded incredible, one could argue he sounds even better live. He even decided to sing his most popular hit, Location, twice. The crowd loved it and vibed out even more. The crazy lines were worth the wait to hear him sing live. His stage presence was amazing and is loveable personality shined through. Khalid’s twilight concert was definitely one for the books.

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