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Kiwi Electronic Duo SACHI Drop Bright Single “Down On Your Luck”

SACHI is an Kiwi electronic duo, Will Thomas and Nick Chrisp. The pair has found great acclaim for their funk-filled high energy tracks and live sets. With millions of streams to their names on Spotify alone, the pair is carving out a special place for themselves between electronic and pure pop enjoyers.


“For me, it’s about the power and importance of people at times of vulnerability. Having friends and family around you and being able to confide in them when you get ‘Down On Your Luck’. The beauty and immense weight that relationships carry, in that sense,” Nick explained. The song was written in Los Angeles, when they were far from home and those who were closest to them.


“As soon as we wrote the vocal we knew we had to make the production compliment the emotion of it. We wanted to make something that felt emotional yet brought people to the dancefloor too,” Will shared.


SACHI tapped Candace Sosa to help them bring in the more emotional element. Candace is a close writer with BTS. Sosa worked on eight songs with the superstars, on some of their most emotionally explorative albums to date: “Love Yourself: Tear,” “Love Yourself: Answer,” “Map of the Soul: Persona” and “Map of the Soul: 7.”

Image courtesy of Republic Records, Casablanca Records

Their vocals sound similar to that of Chase Atlantic’s, but the brightness of the track brings a strong contrast between these trans-Tasman electronic artists. 


The electric breaks throughout the song leave room for dancing, working out and further remixing. It’s a bouncing beat, which would make it perfect for jumping or biking along in a spin class. The echoing on the vocals creates building feeling leading up to the final drop. It emphasizes the value of production and direct lyricism with SACHI, allowing them to continue to do what they do best.


This single, “Down On Your Luck” is the fourth from the group’s impending album. It fits in well with the other wildly popular “Take Me Back,” “Enchante” and “You (A La).” All of these songs are sunny and jumping, helping to develop the young pair’s sound. While New Zealand has been reopened for over a year now, the rest of the world is just returning to live music. This song is meant to be heard in a bobbing crowd, and the timing is excellent.


“Down On Your Luck” is a bright and building track perfect for dancing, working out and remembering the people in life who care for you most. 


Stream “Down On Your Luck” everywhere now!


Feature image courtesy of Republic Records, Casablanca Records

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