Kylie Jenner Continues To Steal Ideas From Black Women

It’s a Kardashian thing!

A Jenner/Kardashian stealing from black women? Not a new concept! From hair to clothing, the Kardashians have been stealing from black women for about a decade now. Recently, Kylie Jenner announced her new ‘camo’ collection that will be dropping very soon.

The collection looked eerily similar to PluggedNYC signature clothing that has been seen on people such as Rihanna.

What’s even more coincidental is that Kylie is releasing a swim suit line weeks after PluggedNYC released their newest ‘camo’ focused swim suits.


To some people, it may all seem like a coincidence because camo is a really popular pattern. There’s no way Kylie knows of this line, since it seems like a small line, right? Wrong! PluggedNYC has gifted Kylie some of their clothing, so Kylie knows of their line. The Kardashians/Jenners don’t have a creative bone in their body. Everything they do revolves around stealing from black women and black culture — from getting surgery to have a more curvy figure and big butt (that black woman are degraded for) to getting braids and wigs and acting like they invented it.

It makes me laugh when people assume that black women dislike the Kardashians because they like black men; it’s far deeper than that. These women are profiting from black women, from their likeliness to their ideas. Just recently, Khloe Kardashian stole the designs of a black designer. Without black culture and black women, these women wouldn’t be where they are. People are hypocritical to support the Kardashians for things black women get shamed for, which includes having curvy figures that white people deem ‘unacceptable’ and ‘sloppy’ to wearing braids that jobs wouldn’t allow them to have.

Black women have a right to be angry. This is a huge diss to black creatives. Kylie will probably end up making millions with this line — the same line a black women originally had an idea for. Please support real creatives and not people who steal from them.


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  1. SSOOOOOOOOOOOO, only black people are allowed to own camouflage? Shit, alot of redneck just keep exploiting black culture. WHEN WILL IT END LORD!?!?!?!?!!?

  2. Black culture really ? They are not 100% Caucasians themselves they have a Persian decent.Black people always talking about how there is no unity. Yet will be the first ones to categorize other people and themselves.
    The Kardashians are eutripenuars and are marketing items that would potentially grow a business. I have seen all ethics groups wear cammo not just black people.

  3. I am so mad! This is just wrong on so many levels! I hate that they pretend to be creatives that come up with original ideas when all they do is steal. They are all fake. From the top of their heads down to the soles of their feet. They are so desperate to be “something” and not just Kim’s sisters but this ain’t the way girls! If you wlike someone’s ideas tell them or maybe collaborate don’t steal.

  4. camouflage was created by europeans
    casual camo trend was created by literal white supremacists (british skinheads)
    the designs look like tommy hilfiger (white) late 90s template
    black women insist we’re stealing *their* fashion when in actuality it’s the opposite, it’s just laughable. Stop being pathetic.

  5. you seriously need to chill. no one fucking owns camo designs, not kylie jenner, not black people, not anyone. its just a popular design.

  6. it’s not like the first design is that original anyway. this article is kinda trash, generalizes and exaggerates way too much. This sounds like a gossip session to a friend. “Everything they do revolves around stealing from black women?” No.

  7. This article is garbage. Even shaming her figure because apparently only black women can be curvy? Haha! And only black women can wear braids supposedly. Ridiculous. Don’t try to mask your racism with being ‘offended’

  8. Beyoncé steals, Rihanna steals, they all steal! Nothing is original anymore. Black women didn’t invent camouflage. Everything is a reused idea, it’s just that you want to hate on anyone that “takes” ideas from black culture. I’m not for or against the Kardashian/Jenner family but I still find this stupid. Do your homework and pay attention to how much has been “stolen” from Latin culture yet you don’t see post after post about it, because we understand that we don’t own the rights to any one fashion trend or idea. Sit down people, no one cares about your whining. Learn your history and realize your complaining is obsolete.

  9. Also instead of crying about it the designer could simply file for copyright infringement.. but hey then they could throw all this reverse prejudice our way. Stop idolize he all taking kardashian / Jenner.. you all seem to love these fake bitches so just up or stop idolizing them. By the way the pants are ugly asf.. good god

  10. All you dumb young ines celebrate yeezy and all things Kim.. I see it all the time.. SO many young black women idozile Kim k. Why?? She got famous mostly for leaked poem with black man.. then you wanna cry about it. The dumb ass designer ASKED dumb ass fake Kylie to promote her line.. DUMB.. so sick of black women crying over every damn thing never seen so many prejudice bitches cry then run and idolize that plastic thing Kim k and her deranged husband

  11. Ok im mixed Carribean woman and tbh its not like black women created camouflage, it’s not like black women created camouflage swim wear. Yes it’s similar but it’s camo all camouflage looks similar. I’ve seen this a lot now where black women get butt hurt over a white person liking or doing something similar toor them. Yes we’ve been victimised over our looks but how about embracing our looks and embracing that people want to be like us. For years white people have wanted to be like black people with fake tanning. To say that they can’t have braids or curvier bodies or wear certain clothing because they’re white is wrong. Embrace that some white people want to be us don’t put a negative twist on it and fill it with hate. Hate on the people that look down on us because of our culture.

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