A poem about the Latina women who came before me

Credit: pexels.com

This poem was inspired by the fierce and courageous Latina women I see every day, both inside and outside my family. Latina women undergo so much, especially those in the past who have dealt with colonization and violence in their home countries. I hope this poem expresses my admiration and gratitude for all Latina women, both dead and alive.

I bow down at the feet

of the Latina women made of iron

and those made of clay


Your sobs are only

drops on my cheeks

pain I will never experience


Latina women I love you

let me wash the blood

off your feet


Allow me to rub out your aches

for all the years

you carried me on your shoulders


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Written by Anais Rivero

Aspiring journalist, Latina woman, and film lover trying to stomp the patriarchy with my large combat boots.