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Lauren Sanderson SLAYS with New EP


Lauren Sanderson, an artist on the rise, is about to shake the entire world with the release of her new EP, Spaces. Being a fan of Lauren myself, this EP was much anticipated and now that it is finally here can say that I am more than impressed.

Lauren Sanderson is an artist on the rise from Fort Wayne Indiana. (Photo: Muriel Knudson)

Sanderson released her freshman EP last year entitled Center of Expression. From the cover art to the vibe and sound, the maturity of Lauren’s music between the release of Center of Expression to now is astounding.

“To me, Center Of Expression and Spaces are so incredibly different in every way possible. COE is literally entirely about love, and Spaces actually only holds one song about romance at all. ” Said Lauren.

Not only has her sound grown as far as maturity, but getting more of that inspirational vibe similar to her earlier songs is incredible. Songs like “Voices” and “Big Shot/I Tried” are insanely motivational. They are definitely reminiscent of her earlier sound which is very much cherished by many of her fans.

“Every time I sit down to write a song, every time I hear a beat, every time I’m in the studio, I grow as an artist. It’s a work in progress that you just can’t rush to figure out.” Said Lauren.

To me, one of the best parts of this EP is how close all of her fans, including myself, got to feel to the process. Whether it be previews of songs on her Instagram live videos or her wanting our opinions on what sound we wanted, I felt so important to the production of this EP.

“I actually asked my supporters on Instagram what message they miss hearing from me most — So many people said they missed my inspirational motivational stuff like my early early songs, Oceans and Dear Universe, which was so cool to hear.” Said Lauren.

I knew that this EP was going to be good, but I don’t know if I knew the extent though. Every song from beginning to finish is chart-worthy. All of the hard work that was put into the production shows.

“My favorite part of this entire EP process was finally just being in a place, mentally, to WRITE and EXECUTE again,” Said Lauren regarding the recording process. “I went through a long period of stuck-ness for so long and now I finally feel so inspired and motivated again.”

She gets to take her motivational message and spread it around the world. This EP is inspiring, it is bop after bop, it is everything I expected and more. Lauren’s message is so special and life-changing and if there is an artist out there that deserves to blow up, it is her.

“The most important message of Spaces is to Express. Fully. Whenever you want. Your honest thoughts. Don’t sugarcoat sh*t. Let people hear it how you feel it. This world was built for dreaming. Go and chase that sh*t.”

Lauren’s music is personal, she has a special way of letting listeners know what she’s feeling. She instills in them a flame of inspiration that is not easily extinguished. That is something so special and she is one in a million. To anyone looking to be inspired: check out this EP. To anyone who is loves good music: check out this EP. To anyone looking for a new sound with an inspiring vibe: check out this EP. To anyone with an internet connection and the ability to hear: check out this EP, you will not be sorry.

The Spotify link is here.

To find Spaces on iTunes, search for “Lauren Sanderson Spaces”

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