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Le Coup De Soleil- A Show To Remember!

Let’s hope you packed your sunscreen, because Jacquemus’ 10-year anniversary collection was on fire! The well-known French brand celebrated its anniversary in the stunning lavender fields of Provence, an appropriate location for such a memorable show. The rolling hills complimented the fuschia runway carpet, setting the stage for a colorful assortment of prints and pieces. The collection was done in collaboration with Swarovski, so keep your eye out for dazzling crystals on many pieces. This collection features 65 looks perfect for a taste of French summertime, and both mens’ and womenswear appeared.

Simon Porte Jacquemus began the brand at the tender age of 19 and through the decade he has brought the elevated style of Jacquemus to magazines, runways and adoring fashionistas. Seeing what the brand has become in such a short time is nothing but extraordinary! The brand is revered for its surreal style, blending French classics with bright colors and bold silhouettes.

“Le Coup De Soleil” (the French word for sunburn) perfectly encapsulated what makes Jacquemus stand out. This collection used an endless assortment of delectable colors perfect for the summer. From creamy oranges to vibrant pinks to calm greens, the color palette did not disappoint. I also loved the silhouettes featured. Jacquemus is known to keep things loose and breezy and this collection did not let us down. Beautiful dresses billowed in the wind, large windbreakers draped elegantly off models and all the pants had relaxed tailoring.

Jacquemus also took the workwear trend to another level in this collection, taking classic suits and blazers and adding a special twist. Many suits had eccentric patterns such as paisley, and the fit was much looser and relaxed to bring a casual, but still chic, vibe to the ensemble. Many blazers were vibrantly colored and had exaggerated silhouettes.

One element of this collection that really stood out to me was how well layering was done throughout the show. Layering is more often done in the winter, however, this show reminded us that even in the summer heat, you can layer fabrics and print to make a truly dynamic outfit. Many looks, especially in the menswear, had jackets and shirts layered on top of each other. It made the ensemble even more visually interesting and the pattern mixing was unique.

As always, Jacquemus’ accessories were timeless and chic. The designer brought in a classic roster of summertime pieces, with straw bags and hats dominating the show. Of course, the show featured many more urban pieces, as we saw bucket hats and classic Jacquemus-style bags. One detail I liked was the appearance of oversized bags, which struck me as haute couture beach totes.

This 10-year anniversary collection was a perfect mix of old and new, showcasing what Jacquemus has always done best, but still revolutionizing modern trends for the future. Every element of the collection stood out, from it’s tailoring to the color blocking to the accessories. Jacquemus has created another vibrant and memorable collection that is awe-inspiring. The influence of this brand is far from over, and I look forward to what the next decade of Jacquemus will bring us.

Featured Image Credit To Jacquemus’ Official Instagram

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