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Leave Little Mix Alone For Their Outfits at #OneLoveManchester

Little Mix, arguably one of the most well known and vocally powerful female girl groups of our time, are known for their commanding stage presence, including beautiful live vocals and nearly flawless dance moves to accompany their songs.

In international pop sensation Ariana Grande’s benefit concert to donate money to Manchester and the 22 victims of the tragic bombing incident in the city, several performers ranging from Justin Bieber to Katy Perry took some of their emotionally empowering songs to the stage. The same can be said about the U.K.-borne girl group, Little Mix, who took one of their first hit songs, “Wings,” to the stage.

It’s obvious why Little Mix sang “Wings” for the One Love Manchester concert. The song is purely meant for empowerment, with lyrics such as,

Your words don’t mean a thing, I’m not listening.


And we don’t let nobody bring us down
No matter what you say, it won’t hurt me
Don’t matter if I fall from the sky
These wings are made to fly.

However, many observers online overlooked Little Mix’s powerful performance and instead looked to their outfit choices – which although were not in accordance with the casual outfits of other artists, were still fine in general.

In terms of outfits, yes, Little Mix did show more skin than other artists, with Jade wearing a two piece with knee-high boots and a jacket and Jesy wearing a one piece.

However, it’s 2017. We are beyond shaming women and anyone for their outfit choices.

As mentioned earlier, some of these observers remained in the past and decided to remark on Little Mix’s outfits with slander and inappropriate comments.

Another said it was a shame Little Mix were ‘half naked’ — one even went as far as to dub them a ‘disgrace.’ 

Little mix[,] put some clothes on and have a bit of respect for such an emotional event! Disgrace

Can’t deal with the outfits Little Mix wear. They’re at a memorial concert looking like they’re about to go a strip club.

Little Mix, and women in general, should not be bashed for the clothing they choose to wear, whether at a benefit concert or not. The focus of this concert was not on outfit choice, but to honor the victims of the horrific Manchester bombing attack through music. Luckily, some fans noticed this immediately and fought back against the Little Mix slander. Some said,

people are talking about little mix’s outfits, this isn’t about their outfits it’s about artists coming together for love.

As mentioned earlier, this was an event to promote love over hatred and confrontation. There was absolutely no need for some people to bring this hatred and confrontation back to this musical event, especially with something so frivolous as performance attire.

Nonetheless, Little Mix absolutely rocked their performance as did every single other artist. One Love Manchester is to go down in history as a day for promoting unity and peace as well as fighting together against hatred and terrorism.

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