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Let’s Rejoice! Lana Del Rey Will Be Releasing A New Album Early 2019

In an interview with Beats 1 Radio on September 18, Lana Del Rey teased her new album with the release of second track “Venice B-tch”.


The track consists of raw acoustic guitar, a simple drum beat, and Del Rey’s folk-style vocals.  The video accommodates the ballad with grainy, black and white clips of cars driving on the highway; tuning in and out on Del Rey dressed in a white t-shirt with a red collar. The video and song together are an ode to the end of summer, with imagery of vintage cars driving to the beach and people sailing on the rocky waves.

The video envisions what the singer feels about the song, “since it’s the end of summer and some people just want to drive around for ten minutes and get lost in some electric guitar”

According to Del Rey her managers weren’t too fond of the track and wanted her to write a ” normal, three-minute pop song”.

On top of the eccentric track title for “Venice B–tch”, the album’s name is “Norman F–cking Rockwell”, after the late American painter.

The name was inspired by working with Jack Antonoff, previous lead guitarist of Fun and producer/co-writer of Lorde’s ” Melodrama”. Del Rey claims that she was in a “lighter mood” working with Antonoff, generating the name for the title track.

Del Rey says: ” It’s kind of about this guy who’s such a genius artist and thinks he’s the sh-t and knows it but he won’t shut up talking about it”.

She loved the name so much that she wanted the entire record to be called that.

Speaking of the record, the singer is certain it will be released early 2019 and that there will be 11 tracks in total.

On top of the record, Del Rey has been living life on the edge. Despite the name of the album she isn’t much of a painter herself, rather she’s been into sailing and flying planes! Del Rey is 37 hours away from obtaining her pilots license, which ” Feels like forever when you’re up in the air”.

When she isn’t flying planes or catching waves she returns to her main creative outlet, writing.

The singer has a collection of “beat” poetry that she has been considering self-publishing. She is set on the title: ” Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass”, for the collection; a line from one of her best poems.

With that in mind, 2019 will be an exciting year. With her new album and possible poetry collection, Lana Del Rey is a star (literally) soaring through the sky.

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