Let’s Talk About Usher’s Latest Victim

If you’ve been on planet earth for the past couple of weeks, you probably know all about Usher’s latest scandal. People have stepped forward accusing Usher of giving them/exposing them to herpes. Many memes and jokes have circulated on social media making light of this situation, but it’s not funny. Especially the coverage surrounding Usher’s latest victim. Quantasia Sharpton is the latest victim to come forward suing Usher for exposing her to the virus during a sexual encounter a couple years back.

Usher has dated the likes of Naomi Campbell, Tameka Foster, Pamela Anderson, Jessica White and other thin and conventionally attractive women. However, Quantasia Sharpton does not have the same physique of Usher’s typical “type”. She’s a full figured beautiful woman, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

What is wrong are the nasty slew of body shaming comments circulating through twitter and other social media platforms.

Usher can get any woman he wants; at that moment, he wanted her, so he got with her. His male ego isn’t so fragile that he thinks a woman is less of a woman because of her body size. Deviating from the size 2 “model size” does not make you less adequate in bed nor does it mean you aren’t worthy of receiving love and/or sexual gratification.

Our society has created a generation of men that think they deserve women that fit into their fantasy standards while they’re bum-couch potatoes with an IQ of 42 to match their credit score. They spend their time degrading women and reducing them to matter without the consideration that they have feelings and have a right to be with whoever they want. Plus size women that don’t fit into the “Ashley Graham” standard are outright attacked by men who don’t realise that pu$$y is pu$$y. You’re not brave for being with a bigger sized woman; nor does it mean that you’re automatically a “fat fetisher” if you’re with a woman that deviates from the societally acceptable size.

Usher’s latest victim just shows how obsessed society is with women’s bodies and how hard it is for fuller sized women to be reduced to an object for the desires of “fat fetishers” that aren’t allowed to have one night stands or relationships like “normal” sized girls are. As a fuller figured woman, it’s hurtful to have live in a society that forces you to change in order for you to be deemed lovable/acceptable by the imbeciles called males. Men are afraid of loving “fuller figured women” because that’s all they’re seen as. They aren’t lauded for their gorgeous hair, even skin, intelligence, kind nature or any other characteristics. All they’re seen as is “fat” even though there is so much more to women than their body size.

Even MORE ugly comments:

Yes, she doesn’t have Herpes which is a good thing, but the culture of not disclosing anything that might threaten the health of your partner is something that needs to be changed. You have the responsibility to tell your partner, even if it’s just for one night if being with you might expose them to things that could potentially be life threatening. If Usher didn’t have it when they were together, then her case is null and void, but if he did have it, he had the responsibility to disclose that information with her. Usher’s case is just what society needs to set the precedent for accountability within sexual relationships,

The automatic assumption that she’s looking for a quick check or 15 minutes of fame “because it’s impossible for Usher to love anyone of her size” is absolutely ludicrous and fatphobic.



Tweets like this saying you’d rather believe Usher is gay than the fact he slept with someone other than a size 2 model is vile. Just because you’re narrow mindedness prevents you from deviating from a certain size does not mean all men follow your trash ways (even though tweets point to the fact that they do). I run, I work out, I eat salads, but just because, like Quantasia, I’m not a model size, I’m not allowed to be just like every other girl and have romantic encounters with whomever I please? Society needs to do better and mind their business. These men and women body shaming are just jealous that no one of Usher’s caliber has ever looked once at them. Women of all sizes are allowed to sleep with whomever they want, and men are allowed to find women of plus sizes and any size beautiful and sexually attractive. It doesn’t make you less of a man if you do so.


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Written by Rihanna Deon

Future Filmmaker & journalist. Misogynoir enthusiast. I enjoy ranting about social injustice in forms of government which has been accepted and praised in our society, along with institutionalized anti-blackness and the erasure of black women. Proud Black feminist. For inquiries, email me at: martinrihanna1@gmail.com