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Life Is A Film

This poem is the by product of my cinematic craze and enjoyment of movies. When you stop and think about the course of your life so far, you will realize that it is like a beautifully written cinematic masterpiece. Your memories are both tragic and joyful, all bundled up to form your own unique biography.

Life is a Film

Sequences of memories

Stitched together

Both good and bad

Suspenseful, Scary, Sappy

Our narrative can be…


It is a beautiful masterpiece

Teeming with bright colours and loud sounds

From first kisses to last wishes

The film is neverending

Prequel and sequels,

It is a whole series

A series of (un)fortunate events

Nostalgia washes over us

As we watch our film on the big screen

That hides in our minds

Flashbacks remind us of the good times,

The days of no tomorrow.

Laughter and weeping are non-stop

It’s a box office masterpiece

“5 stars”, “Bravo”

“O’ what a great production!”

Our hearts flutter as the credits roll

The shining stars are those who left their mark

On us…

Who molded, manipulated, and moved us

We must never forget

That we control our narrative, our film

…our ending


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