Life, the Smudged Windscreen

A Poem About Life And How Unpredictable It Is

This poem is inspired by life itself. How it can change in seconds, and everything you know to be true becomes nothing more than an illusion. Life doesn’t come with manuals or set of rules to follow, it doesn’t even come with a guarantee that you’ll wake up the next morning, but what it comes with are moments you live in.

At this point in time,
I stand between my past,
And the future.
The past is so painful,
I don’t look back,
The future so blur,
I can’t.
It’s like the windshield,
Smudged with water drops,
and there’s too much mist around.
Each day I wake up,
With sour remembrance of what happened yesterday,
Or the day before.
There’s a vacuum all around,
And a silence filling out.
And I stand between what’s gone,
And what’s yet to come,


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  1. How beautiful is this, I can’t even explain how much this is relatable. Looking forward to more such pieces of art💓💓💓

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Written by Shadab Amir

A ras malai enthusiast who occasionally writes poems.