Light as a Feather

A poem about acceptance.

This is a poem about the pressure, and intensity that comes along with making life changing decisions. It can be hard to accept that we cannot control the future, and our present, only slightly. Therefore, in moments where we take a step back from our busy lives, it is important we breathe out fear and in possibilities allow ourselves to be fully present and accepting of life around us.


Planning finely pruned paths

that all lead in the direction of purpose,

but without a



Mind rumbling, roaring,

sizzling with

scintillating inner conversations

attempting to determine

what options lie in front of me.


Complex confusion

with underestimated

abilities to control my

life are




in the center of the raging hurricane,

one can see the tranquility of the water

and the warmth of the air,

bring one out of the depths

of despair.


Breathing out fear.

Breathing in possibilities.

The future,

becomes now,

and begins to unfold.


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Written by Zaria Whitacre

17. Lover of 80's pop, Indian food, thrift shopping & absurd catch phrases. You can probably find me eating pizza at open mics or riding my moped in downtown EC.