A Prose Poem

The darkness evokes a certain comfort; there’s a certain knowing when looking up at the night sky – the stars, the moon, the vast darkness that seems like it’s everything as it is nothing – sometimes the only way you can describe it is through poetry, through song, through something that may be a little less tangible – and even then, it’s hard to capture that exact, minute, nuanced feeling.


Looking out to the vast, dark space,

I dangle my feet gently below.

Swinging on the glittery stars,

Dancing with the meteorites,

I dip my toes into the cool pool of light below me.


The moon is a puddle of cool, damp fire;

It tickles my toes and comforts my soul;

Just as a warm cup of hot chocolate on a cool winter’s day.


I watch as the stars dance for my amusement,

Swirling and waltzing- just like snowflakes

Fiery images of life, here to stay.


I Imagine leaping over each one,

hopping across a river of

swift, silky, slippery



A darkness that leaves question behind,

and fulfills a knowing.

A smooth dark:

comforting like creamy peanut butter,

or silk pajamas.


Comforting like itself,

the night sky.


Suddenly, feeling a tickle over my eyes,

They float open,

The cool image of a comforting, white pool stares back at me as

The stars smile and craters wish me a good night

And I drift back to the beautiful mystery

Of the moon and the stars astray.


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Written by Jorgie Ingram

Jorgie is a New England based artist, activist, writer, and dancer. She has a passion for helping others through her own artistry and creative work, aiming to inspire others to pursue their own passions, as well as spark conversation, ideas, connection, and community. When Jorgie isn't writing, she's diving into activist work with NH for Humanity, where she organizes art and performance-based fundraising events for organizations that need funding, such as Americans for the Arts and HAVEN NH. Jorgie also spends a great deal of time volunteering, dancing, teaching dance, performing, and choreographing - where she aims to bring personal and social issues to light.