Logan Paul’s Controversial Suicide Video Is Only Making Him Bigger

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The recent internet scandal of Logan Paul posting a video showcasing a dead body while visiting the “suicide forest” in Aokigahara, Japan has left many outraged. The forest is known informally as the “suicide forest,” because of the number of suicides that take place in the location. Paul is infamous for his vines and daily vlogs, one of which included the clip of his encounter with a suicide victim. He could be heard saying “Yo, are you (the suicide victim) alive, are you fooling with us?


Paul has over 15 million YouTube subscribers, and greater sphere of influence over his social media accounts. Most of his fans are young children, with the majority ranging from the ages 9 – 16 years old. What shocked most viewers of his intimate vlog was his reaction to finding the body. Paul can be seen to suppress laughter, while his friends don’t try to hide it at all. The scandal has prompted a swift apology from Paul, in which stresses his popularity and how he is “regretful to say I (he) handled that power incorrectly.”


Yes, the twittersphere, and all other forms of social media has erupted in anger at his insensitivity to the nature of suicide. Yet with the notion that his career was coming to an end, it seems to have made Paul the most talked about man of the moment. His popularity on social media, views on YouTube, and mentions in news articles has exponentially increased since the incident. No matter how wrong or inconsiderate he is, his career seems to benefit positively just from any form of attention.

According to Social Blade, Paul has amassed 100,000 more followers since the video, and devoted “Logangers” continue to support him while he is attacked by the berating media. In recent years, the world has managed to make anyone a star, and often for the wrong reasons. Now it is Paul, but just last year it was Danielle Bregoli. This new generation of celebrities has been the human construct of the world, and is only going to keep amassing as the media criticises and denounces (with their own right) them.


His excuse was the mediocre, much expected stated purpose of “raising awareness.” The internets castigation of Paul has shown to be both a blessing to be able to shed light on the sensitivity and seriousness of suicide, but has also skyrocketed his name to the point that his action has already been circulating as a “landmark of 2018.” Suicide should never be taken as joke, or anything less serious than it really is, because it truly is a tragic event that leaves a heavy mark on everyone around the victim. That is no joke Logan.


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Written by Mana Mehta

Mana Mehta is an aspiring journalist, and on most days you can find her glued to a good book, eating Mexican food or debating politics. Follow her on twitter @mana_mehta or EMAIL her for inquiries at manammehta@gmail.com