Louis Tomlinson Recognizes The Biggest Fan Isn’t The One With The Biggest Bank Account

Fans pay over hundreds of dollars to get at least two seconds with their favorite celebrity. Celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Britney Spears and countless more are known for charging ridiculously high prices for meet and greets. It seems that only the fans with the most money are the only ones who have good luck. Due to the high prices celebrities charge at meet and greets, a lot of dedicated fans are hindered from meeting the person who changed their life for the better. However, one celebrity has noticed this unfair system of meet and greets and wants to take a different approach to it. That celebrity is solo artist Louis Tomlinson.

The former One Direction boy band member, Louis Tomlinson, gave fans a hint that he is planning to take meet and greets a different way when he responded to a fan. The fan tweeted:

The tweet caught Tomlinson’s attention. He responded with:

As expected, the interaction caught the attention of many other fans. Tomlinson revealed to one fan on Twitter that he was thinking about doing some type of competition in order to make the distributions of meet and greets fair. Although Tomlinson has cleared up that none of these plans are set in stone, I salute him for caring so much about his fans. So many devoted fans never get their chance to meet their idols because they simply don’t have the funds for it. As a fangirl myself, I thank Mr. Tomlinson for acknowledging that one’s bank account doesn’t define how big of a fan they are. Fangirls all over the world thank you!

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