Love Aches

A poem about the pain love can cause

Photographer: Emily Henry Model: Natalia Sayedarous

you leaned closer to me with her on your mind, and as your lips met mine, you weren’t kissing me. your mind was full of the thoughts of her. you missed the sensation you felt as her lips touched yours. you look for her when we go to the same places you went with her. my fingers placed on my own lips as I look in the mirror and remember it happening over and over again. my stomach gripes as your name comes up in my mind. your name on my phone is no longer there, because you’re too busy running miles trying to find her and get her back into your arms. when you finally did, you grabbed her by her arm and kissed her with the same lips that rubbed against mine. my lips met bottles of liquor. the liquor burned my throat, but it was not as bad as seeing your arms around her. I finally got used to having bottle after bottle glued to my lips and tears after tears rolling down my face until they reached the corner of my mouth, and I was able to taste every drop. all the liquor that made its way down my throat slowed down my brain and made my hands ache; I can no longer remember the feeling of having you so close to me.


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I am from New York City. I take an interest in Writing, Reading, Swimming, and going to Art Museums.