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Love and Lilies

I originally wrote this poem for the MayFalls Poetry Challenge: Love and Lilies. After I finished, I quickly fell in love with it, and it’s easily become one of the best and favorites poems that I’ve ever written. Poetry, I believe, is meant to be interpreted differently for each person. Individual characters and individual stories should be created for each reader. If I were to interpret this myself, though, I’d say that this is the story of a young couple that got into a fight one night and woke up to snow.

i remember

late last december

your bright laugh woke me from my slumber.

despite the weather

you ran out in pleasure

a part of me wished we could’ve ran out together.

despite the noise, not one dissenter

could bear to stop your happy ember.

and even though the fight, one we wouldn’t concenter

i knew deep down you were no pretender.


you came back in, a careless feather

arms held out, in them a wordless letter.

your voice wavered, your eyes a chamber,

“please,” you said, “don’t return to sender.”


a snow-covered purple lily.

to you, a surrender.

to me, a treasure.

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