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Mac Miller’s Music Was a Gift To the World

In the wake of Mac Miller’s passing, I want to talk, not about the heartbreak we’re all experiencing from his loss, but about the gift that he left the world. His music. Mac released 5 studio albums over the course of his career, the most recent being Swimming, which was released a little over a month ago. With each album, he delved deeper into his struggles in the limelight and with each release, we learned more and more about who Malcolm McCormick really was.

When I first started listening to his music, I was drawn to Mac because of his openness about his struggles. In his earlier works, he often rapped about his battles with mental illness, substance abuse and his life in the spotlight. I had never seen an artist be so open about these taboo issues and it resonated with me. I think what’s so important about Mac’s music is that because he was so open in talking about problems that haven’t always been talked about in mainstream media, it gave us someone to relate to. As teens, we’re in some of the most crucial, influential years of our lives, and seeing someone with a platform as big as Mac’s talk about things we’re facing everyday made us feel not-so alone.

Although there wasn’t as much obvious talk about these things in his later releases, if you dig a little deeper, the upbeat songs may hold a deeper, not so pretty meaning. But, that was what made Mac, well, Mac. He didn’t care about how people saw him, he cared about his music and his fans. Some of who regarded him as the nicest guy in the room. And that is how we’ll continue to remember him.

So, with that, thank you, Mac, for being one of the realest people in the music industry. Thank you for giving us someone to relate and look up to. Thank you for giving us music to remember you by. But, most of all, thank you for being you. You will live on through the music and the joy that you brought to all of our lives. Rest in Peace.

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