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Me First, You Second

I wrote this poem while doing an exercise in which I was expected to write in the perspective of a villian. This is from the eyes of a man who leaves the woman carrying his child. The purpose of it is to give the reader another perspective in attempt to prove the intended point.

What the hell is the matter with you?

Don’t you know that only one of us can skip out?

That only one can escape?

You, woman.

It’s in your body.

Your body, your responsibility.


What about me, you ask?

I have ambitions.

I have expectations.



Things to accomplish.

So bitch, I got shit to do, don’t you realize?

You still don’t understand that one body

can fit through this exit

and the mistake I made

that’s growing inside your already too-big belly

won’t even fit.

You won’t gain any respect.

You won’t have any friends.


I’ll be the bravest man in town.

I’ll get laid more than ever before.

I get the sympathetic looks

because leaving you was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

I sacrificed everything for my





but you.

You can’t leave the child.

Have you no soul?

No love in your heart

for the gift growing inside your beautiful body?

Why are you so selfish, woman?

Such a shame.

Shame on you for ever leaving such a precious child.

And, God,


if you ever

leave your expectations

and terminate that baby for your



and dreams,

that’s the worst sacrifice of all.

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