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Meet Nas Daily: The Facebook Influencer You Need to Check Out Now

Facebook, at this point, seems to have reached its peak and currently serves as a platform for birthday greetings and extended family connections. The rise of other social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and especially YouTube have contributed to Facebook’s creator downfall, as most influencers prefer the latter mediums. However, Nas Daily continuously works against that standard norm and steadily uploads content on his Facebook page: 

But who is Nas Daily? Nas, which means “people” in Arabic, is also known as Nuseir Yassin.  Nuseir was born and raised in Israel as a Palestinian Israeli, moved to the United States to study at Harvard, and got a great engineering job at Venmo, located in New York City. It seems as though Nas had achieved what many immigrants strive and yearn for – the American Dream.

I am certain that most people at that point in their lives have felt a great sense of accomplishment or purpose that allows them to simply sit back, enjoy everything they’ve worked hard for whilst waiting for the next phase. However, Nuseir didn’t think like that. He looked at his extremely comfortable life and decided that that is something that just didn’t work for him. He also realized his time on earth was passing by which then prompted him to quit his sweet job in New York, wear the same t-shirt every day, and travel the world whilst making one-minute videos daily.

The Real Face of U.S.A!

This video is a message for anyone outside and inside of the United States!Yes, many cotroversial immigration policies are happening right now in America. So here is how the rest of Americans are fighting back. All of what I shot was on the same day, in one state, with real people. It's really heart warming, and it's the reason I call the United States home. Thank you to everyone in beautiful UTAH who came to the meetup. One of the best ones so far! Come disagree or agree with me on Nas Daily Global – a group I'm starting that's really cool.I'm also on INSTAGRAM @NasDaily

Posted by Nas Daily on Sunday, June 24, 2018

The concept behind his content is no doubt unique and definitely appeals realistically. His desire for continuously getting out of the comfort zone is admirable. Wearing the same t-shirt, with the design “33% Life” every day is his interesting way of reminding himself that he is 33% done with life (the average life expectancy for a U.S male is around 75). And his reason for uploading only one- minute videos on the dying platform, Facebook, coincides with the fact that viewers are more likely to watch a short, straight to the point minute video about something interesting in a country rather than a five-minute video of a scenic montage with background music. Facebook also has a majority of real users who display their real names, unlike that of YouTube or Instagram wherein a username or alter-ego is an option. This allows Nas to communicate with his audience and plan real, legitimate meetups.


As a 15 year old, Danielle Jeneria literally went to High Court to challenge her school and the rest of the country….and won.As a 15 year old, I didn't even know what a lawyer did….LIKE Nas Daily on Facebook and Instagram! Music: Blue Sky by Ikson!

Posted by Nas Daily on Thursday, November 23, 2017

Not only is his concept unique, but the stories he puts out are giving voices to hundreds of people with different backgrounds, religions, and political views all over the world. He challenges us to look beyond certain issues that are often falsely portrayed in social media, such as the divisions of the American people imposed by Trump, gun control, the Syrian war – and offers a variety of realistic solutions that gives us something to think about.

So, if you haven’t already, go check out Nas Daily on Facebook as not only will he amaze you through different spectacles around the world, but he’ll also give you diverse insights on real stories, real problems, and real solutions.

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