Meet pengslut — The Diverse and Uplifting Body Positive Instagram We’ve Been Asking For

Amidst the same-sex kisses, the pro-Muslim beauty, the different body sizes, and the vitiligo and a lot of cute freckles, there are infectious smiles and authentic joy. Every creed, every sexuality, every skin color, every aspect of beauty is shared so beautifully and seamlessly. I have followed @pengslut for quite a while now, and let me tell that this is the way all Instagram body positivity accounts should be run. Every caption, every post, and every comment ooze with positivity, and in a world bent on hating and amongst many activism accounts that focus on the negative, it is truly refreshing to have one focused on all the beauty and good. I had the pleasure to ask the account owner (one of the most down-to-earth people I ever have talked to) about the fantastic goals of her account and about her personality in real life.

1. How would you describe your account @pengslut and what impact do you hope to have?

I would describe my account as quite a positive one. I hope my posts and especially my captions leave a good impact on people. I want my followers to know they are worth it, that they are beautiful, and that they are smart. I just want to help people in any way possible.

2. If you could be any crayon color, which one would you be and why?

It would be bright yellow! It stands out in the crowd and it represents happiness, cheerfulness, and fun. It’s very noticeable and you see yellow absolutely everywhere. It has a way of telling other colors “Look, I’m here to stay, no one can beat me!” Yellow gives me the feeling of being loved by all and in return, sharing positive vibes with everyone.

3. Teach me something new in under 5 sentences.

Well something unique about me is that I live in Croatia and I really enjoy living here. It is unbelievably pretty and is adorned with amazing people. The beaches are absolutely breath-taking. I remember my friend saying how amazing Croatia is, which means a LOT because she travels everywhere and Croatia isn’t even that big.

4. You have talked a little about having such a loving environment, so how did you create such a positive space?

I really do not even know, to be honest, but I am SO happy because of it. Most people online just comment nasty, awful things and want to be so rude, and I am very grateful my followers are beautiful men and women with great hearts.

(Author’s Note: The reason behind all of the positivity is it’s wonderful account owner because she is one of the sweetest people and her genuine happiness emits to everyone she talks to. Every single post is so uplifting and she was just as kind when I messaged her about this interview.)

5. What do you think about when you’re alone in the car?

I usually listen to music or I’m thinking about all the things I should or shouldn’t have done. Sometimes I watch other people in cars and how every single one of them has an intricate story, full of dreams, hopes, and failures. I obviously would like to help them all, but sometimes I can’t even help myself. But yeah, I often over-analyze a lot of situations, but it ultimately depends on how I am feeling at the moment.

6. Is there any specific reason for the name @pengslut?

No, not really lol. I was looking at other accounts and how they are named @jealousslut, @turntslut, or @putacion, and I wanted something similar because I liked the style. It ended up being @pengslut. Peng is slang for beautiful by the way. And of course the slut part isn’t supposed to be offensive, it is supposed to be empowering.

7. Besides running @pengslut what else do you enjoy doing?

I enjoy really typical teenage things. I love listening to music because it relaxes me and makes me feel better. I enjoy watching movies and going out with my friends. But I also really love helping people. It gives me such inner satisfaction and pleasure to be caring and kind to others. My heart is so full of happiness for them.


Disclaimer: answers have been slightly edited.

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