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Meet the Russian Photographer You Should Be Obsessed With

I first came across Ira Chernova through Instagram. Her beautifully classic tattoos and androgynous style displayed across her self portraits are spellbinding and immediately endearing. This engineer student – turned model – turned photographer and creative powerhouse blows minds with her dark and spectral photographs. And I have to say, her Instagram and various articles featuring her photography are DEFINITELY worth a scroll. She has a timeless fashion sense, combining floral designs with leather, buckles, and skulls. Her long hair she uses as an accessory along with her tattoos, my favourite of hers being the dagger she has beneath her belly button.

Despite her photography being mainly in black and white, she devotes a lot of her Instagram posts to flowers and her love of them. When asked by C-heads Magazine if she sees the world in black and white or colour, she said “Colour. Definitely, colour. There’s too much beauty around to not notice that. Especially, flowers. How crazy is the variety of natural colours we get to see around us.”

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