Melanie Martinez’s “Piggyback”: Is It a Diss Track?

A couple weeks ago, in midst of other sexual assault allegations, one came out that seemed to shock many people. Timothy Heller, one of Melanie Martinez’s closest friends, called her out for sexually assaulting her. She went into detail as to what exactly Martinez said to her and what she did and didn’t do. Some of these included not listening to her when she said no and even when Heller said nothing at all, she still went with it.

Melanie’s statement came out a little later, where she explains that she and Heller shared a close friendship and that she assumed there were never any disagreements. On December ninth, she posted another statement on Twitter, where she explains that sometimes even the people you trust the most can make up false statements in order to get fame.

While fans throughout social media continued to do research and tried to figure out who was telling the truth, Martinez appeared to be writing a new song.

She posted the song on SoundCloud, which seems like a diss track about the sexual allegations from weeks prior. The song starts out by giving a short summary of Melanie’s life and how she got into music. She goes into a little bit of detail, which starts to make people question if the song is about the allegations.

Trusted too many fake people while I was still young. Gave them the benefit of the doubt, I was so wrong.

The following words also make people believe that her song “Piggyback” is a diss track to Timothy Heller and anyone who believes her accusation.

I’m so done with playing piggy back, swear to god I wished y’all all the best,

You’re lying your way to try and gain a piece of me when you could never come close cause I know my destiny.

I worked hard for my shit, put my love in this shit,

Now you’re trying to kill my name for some fame, what is this?

Regardless of who is telling the truth, people should still be open-minded about the words from the victims of sexual assault. There have been countless of times where victims have been shamed and called liars for speaking out about what has happened to them. Whether this is a diss track or not, the fact that Melanie Martinez said that Heller never said no to the things they did, should not be brushed under the rug. There are too many people who have this mindset, and it is not a good one.


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