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Monumental Girl

I wrote this poem as a way to show how dominance in a relationship can truly change it for the worse. This particular piece shows how this bright, inspiring girl can change from simply one boy being in her life — this not excluding other cases such as gay, lesbian, etc. relationships. Treatment like this toward one whom is supposed to be a significant other is never okay, and this poem explains how one has gone from high to low.

A happy girl.

She smiles and she laughs,

and her eyes do this thing,

like a light bulb flaring up with light

every time passion is around.

And she meets him.

He is all she thinks of.

And there’s her routine of

speaking out and being heard,

and making a difference

and inspiring more and more each day.

They do it together.

Or she thinks,


When she thinks she is getting louder,

she is getting quieter.

Her movements become slower,

like an ache in every single muscle.

Her eyes become emotionless,

like they are losing their light and electricity.

Even sight,

so she needs him to guide her.

And soon she feels her voice dwindle to nothing,

as if the words were bubbling in her stomach

like water in a pot on a stove,

and he turned down her flame.

Her movements eventually become still.

And her eyes become frozen.

And the volume of her voice is at a zero.

Now she is something a man points at during the tour,

explaining her story

and how she became a monument to stare at.

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