A poem about experiencing reality through stories on a screen

I always love watching movies, because I get lost in them. I become the character; I feel sadness, anger, loneliness and love with the protagonist on screen. But what I wanted to write was a short poem about the tingly feeling you get when the movie ends, and you remember who you are — like waking up from a trance.

escape on Friday nights

to a new reality under the projector lens

feel the pieces

that fit like puzzles through your bones


science fiction







— they are all you


and the dialogue that rings through

your axis


as you


spend time off of your face

masked by a new singularity

full of sparking broken glass

and cheesy ad-libs


but when the credits roll

you begin to remember your

own face

and feel your

own finger tips

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Written by Eugene Lee

Highschool junior


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