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My Experience Meeting Connor Franta on the ‘Note To Self’ Book Tour

For the past five years, I have been watching Connor on YouTube and after learning that his tour would stop in London, I decided that enough was enough and I had to see him.

Connor for me has been one of the most important YouTubers on the social networking site. It has been amazing to see him grow not only in terms of viewership but also as a person — rom the O2L and ‘I’m Not Gay’ days to being an openly gay LGBT+ activist who campaigns for the rights of all people. Connor has become a New York Times bestseller, helps raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for The Thirst Project and has also won awards for not only his content but campaigns for LBGT people.

Anyone who regularly watches his videos would know that his style is different to the normal challenges or tag most people upload but are more personal and real and truly important.

Anyone who regularly watches his videos would know that his style is different to the normal challenges or tag most people upload but are more personal and real and truly important.

In his new book, Note To Self, Connor goes into detail about his life and personal struggles he has gone through and still going through. As someone who had gone through and to and extent still has depression, I made it a mission to meet Connor after hearing on the basis of the book because it spoke to me on a personal level, more than his first book A Work In Progress.

On the internet, Connor is known as a voice for those who can’t often speak for themselves. As a member of the LGBT+ community himself, Connor often voices his opinions on the injustice these people face day in and day out. As a Christian ally, my heart is full of respect for Connor every time I see such a post because I myself recognise how hard it is for people in the LGBT+ community but in particular LGBT+ youth to live their lives how they want to live them especially with the amount of injustice and discrimination they experience and quite a lot of the time from members of my own faith.

‘for i am greater, than i was before, i was, so little, now bigger i stand, on my two feet, held by my own. taller than ever.’ – Connor Franta

Walking into the Waterstones in London was terrifying. It was strange to think that someone I had admired for five years was on the floor lower than me taking pictures with fans. I waited in line for roughly an hour before being ushered downstairs.

I went with fellow writer Zoë, and we actually made friends with a couple of people in the line. The atmosphere was amazing and it relaxed me more than if I had no one to talk to.

Till now it feels a bit surreal. I spoke to Connor for all of twenty seconds, but he made me feel calm and relaxed. It was fascinating to be able to give him a hug and thank him for being who he is and all he does.

It was sad leaving him because I just wanted to feel like that all the time but it was honestly a wonderful experience and whenever I read the book I will always have this experience.

I larnt a lot about myself in the book and it has been an honour to see a more open Connor and be able to read his thoughts and feelings.

I very much appreciate his ability to make every person of the thousands he met feel special. It felt like I was the only person meeting him with the amount of energy he portrayed.

So I am very thankful for the opportunity to meet such a special and important person especially in today’s society and I love him and his book very much.

If you wanna see some pictures from the day you can check out my Instagram and Twitter.

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