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My New Toothbrush

This poem is about living life with no opinion on what is going on, completely used to the way things are. It is frightening to be part of an unfazed population in a time where everything is changing.

I was not phased by the season change,

swallowing my Zyrtec with ease.

I always requested chicken tenders,

following my order with please.

When asked what I want to major,

my response was always undecided.

If I had any real opinion about things,

my mind was doing a great job to hide it.


One day I got a new toothbrush.

When I went to reach for my purple one,

I remembered it was gone.

That night I tuned in to CNN,

leaving me up thinking ’till dawn.

Mindless watching was no possibility,

is humanity something to revive?

All my days spent as a zombie,

I am finally alive.

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