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Nation of Dreams: A Poem for America

I originally wrote this poem for a scholarship contest, but I figured that I should share this with the world. This is very timely and very relevant to what’s going on in America and to how people view the country—both inside and out. Some people see America as a nation of dreams, while others see it as a nightmare. Your own opinion is valid, but don’t disregard the opinion and pain of others.

The Nation of Dreams

The Nation that Gleams

the nation that covers their ears from the screams.

The Nation of Power

This Nation Won’t Cower

this nation’s most known for its star firepower.

This Nation is Brave

but a nation of slaves

what is the punishment if you were to misbehave?

This Nation of Freedom

This Garden of Eden

why do so many view it as a mausoleum?

this nation is gilded

the society is tinted

through glasses that blind

and distort The Vision.

this nation is gilded

the flowers have wilted

the smiles that we know have all become stilted.

This Nation of Dreams

This Nation of Flair

has turned into nothing short of a nightmare.

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