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Native Americans and the Southwest

During my trip to Tucson, Arizona in February, I got a glimpse into the beautiful culture of Native Americans as well as the picturesque landscape of the Sonora Desert. I came to visit my grandfather, who fell in love with the city of Tucson and has been living there for decades. Being from Michigan, everything I saw in Arizona was new and exciting. The demographics of Tucson consist highly of both Hispanics and Native Americans. My grandfather’s close friend was Native American and suggested that I attend a powwow. I jumped at the chance and was amazed by the native people. To no surprise, I discovered firsthand what truly kind and welcoming people they are. The powwow served to honor Native American veterans through music, dance, and a march in their traditional attire. Seeing the children laughing and dancing while sporting colorful feathers and beads stood out to me the most. It signified the continuing traditions of the Native American people and the resilience of their beautiful culture.


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